Seniors Taking A Stand | Emily


My name is Emily Ivan. I’ve always been so insecure about how I looked, and how I’ve felt in my own body. What I’ve realized is surrounding yourself with beautiful and encouraging people is the best way to go. Surround yourself with people who love God, and speak Gods truth and love into you. I’ve just recently started becoming confident in myself.

 I’ve gone through so many hard trials in my life, and it’s so hard to trust God in some of those trials. Whether you see it or not, God helps you no matter what. He has brought more confidence in myself because what I look in his eyes are what matters the most because he doesn’t make mistakes. Another thing I want to get into is depression.

Don’t be afraid to confess that you’re going through problems. Everyone has problems including me. I’ve had so many problems and I get waves of depression, and God helps me so much with those waves. I’ve realized God can do anything you ask. In the past, I’ve always been asking for a renewal of my soul and to restore me. I’ve always been the type to doubt God when something doesn’t happen right away, but I’ve been starting to realize that he does things in his own timing, and I need to wait it out.

I’ve always been wanting to feed myself with Gods truth and love, and I try to get help with the love of friends and counselors. I’ve realized it’s okay to not be okay.

I’ve realized it’s okay to ask for help because I know people care and love me.

I’ve always been someone who tries to push myself to get things done. I’ve experienced people bringing me down, but now I think to myself about how I’ve been so strong through my tough times and people cannot judge me if they don’t know me. I’ve grown so much in the couple past years and I thank God for that. Sometimes I’m still not okay, and that’s okay because I know God has a plan for me and I just have to trust it. Jeremiah 32:27❤️


Acknowledgment from Miss Beautymark

I have known Emily since we were both super little!! I can’t believe I am already taking her senior photos. What a Beautiful an amazing woman you are becoming!! After reading and knowing what Emily has gone through, I see such strength. Thank you for acknowledging what you have and what you are going through!! Sometimes we really overlook our feelings and decide to ignore them when we need to head right into them.

Keep being an amazing powerhouse Emily.

Much love,



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