HELP! I am TOO Creative!!

Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed by your creativity? I do. And if you don’t, well I guess I am writing for myself. Haha! Which by the way, I find myself writing encouragement that I need every time I do write… so nothing is really changing. Wow! Can you tell my brain is turning mushy… Read more »

Kate’s Story

              Kate’s Testimony My name is Kate Gentry. I am 16 years old and have grown up in a Christian home my entire life. Being a pastor’s daughter, I attend church weekly, go to youth group and bible studies, serve on the worship team, and have big responsibilities (including… Read more »

Be apart of Beautymarked

If you are great at detail, then you totally noticed that this photo is not perfect- but then again what photo truly is “perfect.” I am teaching myself all kinds of things like sewing, photoshop, and taking my own photos. However, I wanted to show that truly no matter how “perfect” a photo is, not… Read more »

The Two Reasons You Can’t Get Out Of Your Head

            Happy Monday guys!! So, I normally go off of my photos for a post unless I am feeling something super powerful then I just write and try and make the photos relate to the post. To be completely honest, today is one of those days that I will write… Read more »

How NOT to make a Flower Crown

Friday!! (Does little dance…) You made it through another week!! I am working on some things in my life and today is just to celebrate those little victories. I want to just take some time to thank YOU for coming to this blog to read about my crazy self. I am hoping that you stick… Read more »

How I overcame being S.A.D. in the Winter

  AHHH! It snowed! Now, don’t get me wrong I LOVE Fall, Summer, and Spring a smidgen more than Winter, but I am just so happy Colorado finally showed up. I am a Native… hence the lack of, “winter attire.” And now I can justify to my self why I should start listening to Christmas songs!!;)… Read more »

This is why you are NOT happy right now

Happy Wednesday sweet friends!! Today will be a short little post, but I will ask a few questions that will hopefully resonate with you for the rest of the day.  Did you ever think that the reason you aren’t happy with a particular part of your life is because you are supposed to be the… Read more »

Girl with the wet hands

                                                            Hi ladies! My name is Brittany. I am the crazy dreamer and writer behind MissBeautymark, and Beautymarked. Here is a little bit of my story. For… Read more »

Depression didn’t kill me

 This photoshoot is the most important to me thus far. Not only does the dress have deep meanings, but my sister in love Hannah, saw it coming. See, Hannah didn’t know  I was struggling with finding myself. I didn’t know what my purpose was. I had lost myself when I got married. I tried to… Read more »

A Christians Beautymark

  Happy Thursday!! Today’s post is a mega short one, but it’s something that I feel can spread a huge message with just one photo. One of my favorite Pastors, Steven Furtick said something that has stuck with me for awhile now. Maybe it’s because it has the word, “Beautymark” in it. Or possibly because I… Read more »