Don’t Forget This For Christmas!



Friends! How does a quick little post sound? Good? Yes.
Either you have braved the craziness of Black Friday, or you said no with all your being and stayed home. Either way, I want to encourage you to remember what is truly important. As we end one holiday and grow closer to another, we tend to worry and stress about the wrong things. If you are stressed out about what presents to get, or if you can’t even afford much this year, maybe you need to just reset. I hear many people complain about how stressed they are that they had to travel to go see family.

How amazing that you have a family!
So you can’t afford much this year, that’s okay! Celebrate what you DO have! Family. Health. A warm bed? Think of how happy we would be if we focused on the little things instead of being upset with materialistic things that we won’t care about months from now. You know that new car smell? It goes away. Everything has that new feeling. People don’t…

Instead of telling me what you want for Christmas, let me know what you are doing with the people around you! Any fun activities? Fun traditions? If we focus on materialistic things with temporary fixes, we will miss so much of the true treasures around us.


I am so excited to get out and enjoy the cold weather!! I am hoping we get some awesome snow here in Colorado!:)

Until next time,


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