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     You can tell they are just the best of friends. As one would speak of her dreams and aspirations, the other would listen and love with such respect, as though she saw her friend already living her dream.These Beautiful women are in our village, Ojemoru. Justin and I chatted with these ladies at the student conference and heard about their goals. One wanted to become a second-grade teacher, while the other wanted to be a nurse. When asked why they felt called to those certain callings, they both answered with, “Helping others in our situation.” They want to make a difference and be Beautiful leaders. They have both come to a decision that they will be the change.

I want to see women building each other up when we talk about our goals and dreams, instead of being ashamed and embarrassed the calling on our lives. All of our callings are great, unique, and high. These girls motivated me with their mature answers on their willingness to put in the hard work and to not do it for themselves necessarily, but for others in their situation. How amazing! Talk about Monday Motivation. I can’t wait to see the lives these two women touch.

I want all of the women, (heck, people in general!) to feel the love and respect they deserve (and sometimes maybe don’t deserve.) Don’t you? I wonder how we can show that this week. xx

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Absolutely gorgeous pictures. I felt like I could see right into their hearts. Thank you for all of the pictures from Uganda. They are so inspiring. 🙂


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