To the girl who wants to be everything


Do you ever scroll through your feed on any social media and think, “Wow, I want to be HER.” Of course, you have! Everyone has thought this. And if you haven’t, then you are either made up of pretty little unicorns or you are lying. Love you! But you’re lying. Haha!

Okay see, here is what I went through.

I would scroll through and see athletic women that are partners with Nike or Adidas, and I wanted to be one of them!! So what did I do? I tried to be like them! But then I would see successful fashion bloggers or travel/lifestyle bloggers and then want to be like them!! Ha! It sounds crazy because it is.

You may be thinking that I had too much time on my hands in order to be doing this and I did, but I was surrounded by people that were social media influencers and I craved to find myself in that crowd. I went from doing athletic wear and wearing no makeup to being super girly girl with eye lash extensions and crazy red hair.

I was being fed a lie that I believe most women fall into, and that is that we have to be one specific woman. You are either athletic and nothing else, or super girly girl and nothing else. You are either this or that and nothing in between. We fall into a lie that if we can’t be one fully then we are worth less. If you don’t have a body like her then you aren’t good enough. If you can’t buy the brand that she wears or create the same amazing photos to post on Instagram, then you definitely aren’t good enough. No matter what you do or what kind of lady you are, I know that everyone has done this. We are women and social media comes with a side of comparison.

Let me share with you the truth I found.

You will go through the phases of trying to find yourself so embrace that! But remind yourself throughout that process that you are not less than because you can’t be everything. Eventually, I became too exhausted of trying to be everyone else that I found myself in the midst of the craziness. (As cheesy as that sounds.) Because of the confusion, I finally found myself. I was able to pin point who Brittany is instead of who I saw on my Instagram feed.

I love watching other women excel in ways that I can’t. I love getting tips from makeup artists, following up on the latest workout trends, and seeing what others do fashion wise. But that does not mean that I need to BECOME like them.

You aren’t going to go to a hair salon and want to change your hair to every single person’s in the store, right?? You can’t. You physically can’t.

I want you to remember that you are so unique and so Beautiful. Phases are okay, and change is okay. I believe a rise in women is about to come where we are not phased by the comparisons of the world.

I believe a rise in women is about to come where we are not phased by the comparisons of the world. Let’s break through the lies that tell us we aren’t good enough friends. xx





Thanks Brittany for reminding us that we are all beautiful. I so get what you are talking about here. We have all gone through the phase of thinking that we want to be like someone else. I still do it sometimes. I am a mom in my early 50’s, and I sometimes find myself worrying that I don’t look like younger women do. I used to freak out over every new gray hair or wrinkle. And don’t ask what gravity has done to my figure. But I decided to embrace how I am now. I have learned (most of the time) to be proud of being an older woman with a less than perfect body. It has been a struggle, but seeing yourself as beautiful sort of makes others see you that way. Anyway, thanks for another great blog post. 🙂

Ruby Moser

Hi! I love this post because it reminds me so much of myself! I read all your posts and I enjoy them all. You are a beautiful person and you inspire me so much to be myself and love myself! Thanks!

Christie Mckeldin

This is a great post. I believe all women are beautiful in their own way. Just bring that out, cherish it!!


Thank you so much for addressing this Brittany! I truly feel this is a big problem in our generation. People are so self-conscious of themselves and need to learn to just be themselves. Thank you for shedding some light on the situation!!


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