How To Give And Leave Impacted With Compassion


I wish I could tell you how impactful it is to spend time with children. This is coming from someone who was on a roller coaster of love when it came to kiddos. See, I used to babysit, wipe applesauce off small faces, and tuck kids in until I was at an age where I didn’t think it was “cool” to babysit anymore.

See, to love on a child is to humble your adult self and allow something inside of you to play again. To laugh at the little things, and to notice the little things.

The past two days we have been in Sri Lanka with Compassion International. They have been nothing short of incredible. When you step out of your comfort zone and take that leap of faith to meet these precious souls, you walk away with full hands (literally) and a full heart. They draw, dance, and occasionally laugh at the dancing part. The amazing thing is what Compassion is doing. You see, most of the families here cannot afford to live and provide education and food for their little ones. Compassion International allows families to send their children into a loving community full of local teachers to feed them spiritually, creatively, and socially.

There are about 15 children that need sponsored in this particular project and I know we can get these sweet kiddos sponsored!!

I want you to know that when you sponsor a child, you are allowing them to know God’s love through and through. From the letters you write to each other, to the activities they experience.

This isn’t just another thing to do. When I walked in with my sweaty smelly self, I felt so invited and loved on. These kids don’t see hurt, broken, or smelly. They were infatuated with my tattoos¬†and my hilarious (awesome) dance moves.

I want you to know that when you sponsor a child you aren’t just doing it for them…

I pray that God moves you to love on one of these precious kids. Let’s join together and tell these kids that they are loved and worth every penny. xo

Tomorrow I will share the sweet photos of when Justin and I got to meet our sponsored child so tune in!:)

Until next time,

Feel called to sponsor?? YAY! Go here sweet friend :

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