The Power of a Letter with Compassion


Hello friends!! Okay. I know, I’m sorry! I told you yesterday that we would chat about our sweet girl and then I dropped the ball. In all honesty, with posts like these I would hate to rush them. For me, I have to process what I am feeling super quick in order to write and tell you what I am feeling…otherwise there is no blog post. Or maybe there is and it’s just not what I would call my best work because I just hurried and threw something together.

I have good news for you:) I woke up at 5:30 to write to YOU!

Now I wanted to talk about our 9-year-old child we met and sponsor, but I felt like the Lord wanted me to talk about letters instead. So, that is what we shall do 🙂 Don’t worry, I pinky promise tomorrows blog is on its way and ready to post for tomorrow. Pinky.Promise. xx

Writing a letter may seem something that is near and dear to your heart or maybe it’s something that you have never done before because your generation buys iPhone cases instead of stamps. Either way, nobody can deny that getting a gift is something everyone wants and enjoys. It is something that is tangible, that you can hold, and keep forever.  To these kids and their sponsors, letters are not only a form of communication, but truly a gift. 

    As a sponsor, you get to see the progress and work of your child. You have this whole file on your little one that is just precious beyond belief. From writing practice to drawing and report cards you get a peek inside this child’s life. You see them grow. There is something so amazing.

As we all sat down and looked at our child’s file, a sense a humbleness filled the room. We all had that, “Proud Parent Moment,” without actually having to do anything…haha!

I truly believe that some of us are looking to be a part of a greater cause. To fill that hole that says we can’t make a different or be part of a change. I want YOU to know that if you sponsor a child, you aren’t just sponsoring a chid. You are changing the lives that the child touches. Familes, friends, neighbors, everyone this child comes in contact with. Because YOU wanted to write that letter to tell your child they are loved, and that you are praying and thinking of them.

The photos above are only a few of the children that still need love letters 😉 They need a sponsor to love and care for them and to encourage them to grow. If that is on your heart, here is the link again.

If you do decide to sponsor, let me know!! Comment below so we can celebrate and you can also have a “Proud Parent Moment!”

Until next time,





Hi! I love how in love with God you and Justin are. You are beautiful and so creative! I would love it if you add me on snapchat! Lol! Thank you so much for bringing the joy of God to children around the world! God is so amazing the way He uses people! You, Justn, Mary, and Andrew inspire me to focus on God and to use my gifts God has given me! Thank you!


I love your posts about the trip! So glad you and Justin were able to come along.


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