Compassion Isn’t Just About The Children


Besides the blurriness and poor quality of this photo, I still had to share. It isn’t only because the women in this photo are stunning, or because their clothing is bright and Beautiful. They are all of these things and more… but it is because they are leaders among hundreds of precious little eyes.

The most Beautiful thing is that I don’t think they know how amazing they are. Isn’t that truly Beautiful? When you see someone using their gift, humbly. Yet they don’t know the impact they are making because they are so humble and so obedient. All they know is that they stepped out in faith and they are called to love and lead children. That my friend is Beautiful.

I have been chatting with you for the last couple of days about how and why you should sponsor and what happens when you do. I want to now show you a side that isn’t talked about as much. The leaders that teach these children. The leaders that help direct their paths. The leaders that go into the homes of families and see who is in need and how exactly they can help. The leaders that hear with open ears and love with open hearts. Those are the people I want to put in the spotlight today.

Compassion does a magnificent job of loving on every child that they possibly can, but I saw how they acknowledge and adore on the men and women that lead when they can’t. These people that are in charge of teaching the kids when we leave, and when we send in our letters. The amazing human beings that show them how to write, dance, and sing songs of praise. How awesome is that!? Honestly, when I first heard of Compassion, children were what came to mind. I had sponsored a child when I was little, and leading up to this trip I didn’t even think of how it was all run…until now. But now that I think of it, when we sponsor and become advocates for Compassion, we are also helping these leaders fulfill their calling! It is like a massive and glorious domino effect my loves.

These women sang like their lives depended on it. So much so, that all of us had the songs stuck in our heads and are still messaging each other the lyrics. Haha! Love is contagious, friends. I encourage you to love deeply and love with abandon in whatever you feel called to do.

If you feel called to be a mom, be the best mom you can!!

If you feel called to be a student, be the absolute best student you can be.

If you feel called to create a business and it feels super scary, start it with your hands trembling and feet moving 🙂

And lastly, if you feel called to support a child, a leader, a family, and so much more, here is the link once more. I don’t want to call you to sponsor a child to just sponsor. This is a call to action on the account of love.

Will you spread love and light with us?

Until next time,


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