Do You Remember Your Resolutions?


Something really sad happens when we get to the “adult” age. I think I am still waiting on that btw. I read an article the other day that talked about how millennials don’t consider themselves adults until way later in life…

But sometimes it doesn’t take calling ourselves “adults” to take away that childlike faith and playfulness.When I was first learning how to snowboard, I found out how much confidence I had in myself.

(Hint: Not enough to even bring up.)

I had no confidence and no commitment. I was scared of falling, which was honestly my downfall. I fell because I believed I would fall. As I was laying down, picking up the broken pieces of myself, there was a class of little tikes snowboarding and skiing past me. Basically…I wanted to cry. Ha! How humiliating?? I mean…who were the parents?! WHERE were the parents. Where was mine? I needed to get off this hill ASAP. These kids had no fear. They hadn’t experienced or had the knowledge of what could happen. They just did it.

I watched on with envy. Not just because I wish I had the skills of a 6-year-old but wishing that I could just jump.

I have talked about loving with abandon, now it is time to jump and live with abandon. What is holding you back?? We go through life analyzing the circumstances, weighing out the options, and then not doing most of the things because we are afraid of falling or failing. Some of you won’t sponsor a child because it means you won’t have your daily Starbucks in the morning. You should seriously quick Starbs and support a local shop, but that’s another story in itself 😉 Hahah.

I have been on that hill, and I have had so many opportunities to give and love and jump, but I didn’t. I didn’t jump because I didn’t have the heart, the capacity, or the time. I made excuses with my means and still felt so unfulfilled. Let me just tell you. When you give to anyone, you get to be SELFISH. Let me explain. See, when I encourage or give, I literally get fulfilled. My cup overflows and Happy Brittany is out! I put on my fake mustache and look for the next person to give. Now, I am not saying I am the biggest giver because I still have my moments that I pass up or that I catch myself being selfish or even scared. But I am just here to remind you and myself that it’s like a boomerang. Give, let it come back to you. Love, and let it come back to you. You will be surprised at the outcome.

It’s already March, friends. What was your resolution for the year? To love yourself more? To be happy? Healthy? To have more faith? I don’t want you missing out on the opportunity to change a little life. I wish I knew the importance of living with abandon way earlier. I would have saved myself so much anxiety and headache. Living with abandon truly brings you closer to God. Supporting causes is humbling yourself before God and saying, “God I may not have much, but I am here to love for the kingdom.” I know so many people who tell me that they would support a cause if they knew about it. Well, here you go. I have chatted with you all week and showed you the inside of what Compassion does, and For those of you who have sponsored a child, thank you. And if you haven’t, that’s okay too. I pray that whatever you feel is called on your heart, that you are obedient to it before it becomes another resolution.

Here is the link one more time.

Sponsor a Child!

There is SO much craziness coming to MissBeautymark and for me personally and I am going to share that all with you this week!! Please make sure you are subscribed and following my socials to keep updated as to when the post will be up 🙂 I need YOU in order to complete these upcoming dreams and goals.

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Hi Brittany, I just wanted to say, it’s amazing how many blog post YOU put up, keep up the good work, no AWESOME work


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