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Lioness Arising Miss Beautymark

AHH!! This is my first post on the new and Beautified site and I am just so happy! So let me officially welcome you to Miss Beautymark sweet friend. I think it is about time to explain what Miss Beautymark is and what our goals are so we are all on the same page. I truly believe that this post is going to ruffle some fellow believers feathers, but ultimately this is needed to move on.

I need to pull all the old up, in order to lay down new foundations. So here we go.

Miss Beautymark is me, myself, and the ladies that are on the blog that are photographed

“Miss”  For every Miss/lady.

     “Beautymark Everyone leaves a mark on this world and there is Beauty in the difference.

We are indeed a faith-based blog and that is where I personally get fueled in order to show unconditional love. I have been asked if I have had a rough childhood, and where my love for encouraging has come from. My answer is simple. I had an amazing childhood and my family made me the compassionate person I am today. Just in the past few years is when I really grew my love for encouraging. I have been in the influencer world since high school. I have seen the pressures and the fame that comes with being on a platform. I am married to an amazing man, leader, and Youtuber, Justin. I have met and seen many personalities and learned so much from each of them. From growing up in small Colorado Springs to traveling the world and going to fancy places that I never imagined going, I have the context that can back up where my compassion comes from.

I truly believe the more we experience and the more we humble ourselves and listen to others that are different than us, is when we grow our compassion for one another.

In order to put my story here, I will recap just a little of my past:  I grew up Christian but found out that I was only a label. I didn’t understand or “step in” the faith until I was brought to my knees and had nothing to grasp but my faith.  I am not here to push my faith on you, but just so you can get some back story on who I personally am. I will be the first one to admit I have nothing together. That is why Miss Beautymark thrives on imperfection. Our logo is lop-sided for goodness sake! Haha! (On purpose I might add;)

I love photography, fashion, and women who come together to uplift one another despite what we may believe. As a Christian, I want to proclaim love to YOU. This blog, site, and movement are just that. We focus on:

  • 1. Self Image
  • 2. Mental Health
  • 3. Beauty 
  • 4. Love above all else. 

My goal is to change how you feel and see yourself. That is all. If I have done that, my soul is satisfied. We refrain from talking about anything besides the list above, because when it comes down to it, we are all broken and dealing with something and that is what brings us together. 

Honestly, there are so many of us who have been hurt by the church and have bad tastes in our mouths about Christianity. While that may be true, let me be the first to apologize on behalf of those who wronged you in the past. I hope to profess my faith through love, encouragement, fashion, and photography. I love you because you are human. There is always a need for balance of grace and truth. Miss Beautymark will never be perfect and we don’t proclaim to have it all together- ever! We just want to celebrate the brokenness while the world tears us down for it.

We may not always agree on everything, and nothing will change the building blocks that this movement and blog stands on, but that doesn’t mean we will not love on you and take you in as the Beautiful person you are. I hope and pray that I can love on you and that you get filled from the stories and encouragement on this blog. From the videos to the blog posts, and all the photos in between, I want Miss Beautymark to be something you haven’t seen before. We have enough things telling us what to be, and how to think. I just want this platform to be a breath of fresh air for you.


Truth shapes how to show love.

Hebrews 10:23-25




Christie Mckeldin

I am new here. Thanks for letting me in . I am a mom of three wonderful grown men. I suffer from anxiety and depression and a few physical issues. Hope to be able to chat with ya all !!


Welcome Christie!! So happy to have you apart of this fun group of ladies!:) You are not alone sweet friend!

Emilie Wilby

Hello Brittany, thank you for doing this and sharing so many uplifting things!
I myself am only 13 years old but I suffer from many mental illnesses such as; Depression (Psychotic depression and Major depression), Anxiety, Insomnia and I’m pretty sure I’m heading into the path of Schizophrenia
Luckily my level of Psychotic depression isn’t as bad as others, I’ve worked it out on my own that I suffer from it due to having a couple of the symptoms.
You may have seen me in a lot of your facebook posts because I really admire you, and you’re one of my greatest idols, you always know whats best and you are able to lift the spirits of others and it’s truly amazing.
So, I really do thank you for being such an amazing person and doing something like this.
I’m excited to see what else is going to happen here.
Have a great day!


Thank you so much for sharing Emilie!! Just remember it’s not me!;) Thank you for following and supporting me and opening yourself up! I hope you are just filled and get oh so much inspiration from this crazy amazing family!


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