A Conqueror In A Dress

Miss Beautymark Story

I’m a seventeen-year-old who dreams of being a special investigations officer in our United States military. My goals are to be happy, successful and have a family.

In my short seventeen years I have overcome many obstacles such as bullying and depression, but no matter what age you are or what stage in life you are, there are always obstacles to overcome. My current obstacles are trying to get into my dream college and get a ROTC scholarship.

I was once told the only way to achieve the feeling of joy is by giving, not receiving. Every winter, I participate in a toy drive where we deliver presents to children’s homes. The gifts we deliver are sometimes the only ones the kids will receive that holiday season. The excitement that gleams from those kids’ eyes gives me so much joy. It’s because of that feeling that I believe my purpose in life is to serve others.

I enjoy challenging myself and experiencing new things. My hobbies definitely reflect this; they are rock climbing, police explorers, and JROTC/drill team. Rock climbing is always a challenging adventure. The feeling of accomplishment that runs through me after I conquer a tough route is what makes me continue climbing. Police cadets challenge me by learning to interact with many different people in varying circumstances. JROTC and drill team constantly push me to be a better version of myself and improve the tiny aspects of my life that will make in impact in my future.

Miss Beautymark


Acknowledgement from MB

“I had the privilege of taking Emily’s Senior pictures. She is a quiet but very strong young lady. I LOVED seeing her come to life and letting down her guard once we started shooting. That is one of the reasons I love shooting-to see the confidence level skyrocket. The contrast in her photos with what her calling is, is my favorite. Welcome to the Beautymarked Table Emily, and thank you for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and sharing your sweet heart with us today!”

“You are a Strong and Beautiful Warrior!”


Miss Beautymark

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