Dear High School


“Being in high school, especially at TCA can be very difficult at times with the pressure of academics, sports, and the expectation of being a well-rounded person. Being through countless difficulties, I have learned to let go, and let God take control of every situation and that worry is a trap taking you away from resting in God’s peace. I have also learned to work hard and pursue what I want to do rather than letting opportunities slip away.” – Madison 

We often hear how the “younger generation” is “messed up.” How we are lazy, entitled, and disrespectful. I know a few folk who can fit in that category, but to base an entire generation of Millenials in that category is insane.  I hope that the photos of rising Seniors excite not only each other but the older generations looking on. I decided to start taking Senior Pictures again this year due to the fact of the pain and hurt my old high school has been through. I wanted to love on the hurt. To show the beauty in the ashes. Seniors, you are stronger than what the enemy is telling you. I hope and pray you are able to rise above the lies that tell you that you are lonely, a mistake and that you aren’t enough. LIESSS!

Our fight isn’t with each other. 

As I share photos and quotes with those still in high school, I hope that our readers, our teachers, our highschools are just filled with life! It is still summer time but it’s time to prepare eachother for the comparison and to remind ourselves and our friends that we are love. Will you share this with a friend and remind them how amazing they are?

Your story matters.



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