Living A Full-figured Life


I’m a fashionista who loves to inspire other women to express themselves differently despite what they may look like.

This photoshoot means more to me than getting the perfect shot to blow judges away in hopes they will select me to become the winner of Torrid’s annual model search. Torrid means a lot more to me than just the name and clothes…

Torrid is a plus size clothing brand that allowed me to feel confident and  beautiful to a level that I have never experienced before in my life. Growing up a bigger black girl wasn’t so tough, but I realized later on that I spent my whole life trying to look and be like the other skinny, white girls I lived amongst. Sadly enough, my shopping experience with friends weren’t always delightful. I always had to get the bigger XL size while they had to get XS. The only positive influences I had that looked like me were my mom and Raven Symone. That was until former Torrid model, Jordan Sparks took the stage on American Idol and opened my eyes to Torrid and the plus size community.

Years later I heard the store was coming to a mall in Colorado Springs and I knew I had to see for myself if this Torrid brand is really worth it. After I walked in the doors for the first time, I realized it was worth it and so much more.

I had NEVER walked into a store that was full of women who looked like me (big and beautiful), nor had I walked into the doors of a store that was FULLY DESIGNATED to big, beautiful women!! I became emotional at how amazing my first 5 minutes were gazing at the overwhelming amount of clothing items that were guaranteed to fit me. Nonetheless, would I possibly need to go DOWN a size or two.

When I got to try on my very first Torrid clothing items, I cried in the fitting rooms. This time, for the very first time, they weren’t tears of sadness and disgust because I thought I looked ugly and fat in what I was wearing… They were tears of (good) shock, joy, and CONFIDENCE!! Every single item looked so well on me.

Torrid really uplifted my spirit and confidence to a degree I never imagined I would reach during my lifetime. I found a brand new love for myself, inside and out that I bought a swimsuit for the first time in over 10 years. 

Since then, I have lived a more full-figured life. Full-figured in the aspect of self-love, confidence, and beauty. Everyone can tell me how poppin’ I am when I’m dressed to the extra degree of the fashionista that I am, but only I can see my full, authentic self in the mirror when I take everything off and still feel like I’m the baddest, hottest thing around.

(written & modeled by Tashara)


Acknowledgement by Miss Beautymark

Tashara! Sweet girl, you are so Beautiful and Bold! I always enjoy taking your photos. From high school to now, I enjoy seeing the amazing changes and transformation on your life. I pray that you walk knowing that you are amazing and worth so much no matter what this world may tell you.


Love you sister.


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