Please Don’t Feel Bad For Me


Hey, it’s me again!

Honestly, I kind of wish I was writing this while I was sitting in a field full of sunflowers, but alas! I am not. But I want to chat about how GOOD God is, and how AWESOME you guys are! My last post I decided to ask for radical prayer because sometimes the enemy holds us in the quiet, can I get an amen? Haha So I sprinted to you all and then fell to my knees in silence. Can I just say how awesome everything has been since then? You all are truly just phenomenal friends and family. I have personal messages from friends I know and don’t know offering up encouragement and lifting Miss Beautymark and I up in prayer.

So in conclusion…THANK YOU.

This journey of life is amazing. It’s so incredibly hard sometimes, but it’s so fruitful and amazing if you just keep holding on!! Don’t give up. Some days you will feel so great, walking in a green dress amidst beautiful sunflowers…


Other days…

Well you just might be wanting to take photos that express how you are feeling because words are just too hard sometimes. One of Justin and I’s favorite Christian Rappers, “NF” says,

“What you think I write raps for no reason, no take my pain and I put them in a song…”

Great right? I never want people to feel bad for anyone on this blog. We can send love, and yes life might be difficult but we aren’t transparent and we don’t share stories to feel bad for each other. We do this because it releases any possibly hold and opportunity to feel bad for ourselves.

*This is very important. 

Anytime we share our grief or needs, we back it up with hope and victory.

And that is my hope for Miss Beautymark.

Happy Wednesday Beauties!! Until next time,


Psalm 39:7 NLT

“But now, Lord, what do I look for? My hope is in you.”



Great post! You have a wonderful website with a wonderful message. Keep doing what you love, because that always will be what you do best. Keep trying and never give up. The breakthrough will come once the times right.


Hello Brittney, great post. You have a wonderful website with a wonderful meaning. You should always keep doing what you love, because what you love will always be what you do best. Never give up, the breakthrough will come once the times right.


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