Chasing Aslan

“Back To The Garden”
I was born to be royal
I was made to be free
But I was torn from the garden
When that devil lied to me
Hello, friends!! Happy MONDAY!
I don’t think I have been as excited about a Monday in a really long time. Reason being, I just feel renewed. Last week I really had the realization that I have been suffering by my own standards that I have set for myself, because of others opinions, questions, and ideas of “success.”

I really have been wanting to do this for so long where I just go taking photos and make those crazy creative ideas come to life.

p.s. How Beautiful are those Crowder lyrics?  I need you to go listen to that song if you haven’t heard it, and LITERALLY the first 10 seconds are fire. Absolute. FIRE!! You know when you hear a song and you’re like, “Whoah! I LOVE this. I will sleep to this, dance to this, cook to this, and…. workout to this when I get the chance;) It’s that good? Well, this is it for me folks.

Something inside of me gets super mad and protective when I listen to those first few lines.

“But I was torn from the garden
When that devil lied to me…”

Part of me wants to cry because I feel those lyrics. I have experienced them. While the other half of me wants to run with the lions and charge after the enemy, guns a blazing-rescuing all of His Daughters in the process.

Here is my realistic idea of what I will do and why this article is called, “Chasing Aslan.”

      1. There are 104 days left in the year so this is my “365” photography challenge.

Why couldn’t I just do the 365? Well that intimidated me and just like working out, I could see it would take alot of effort and I always gave up super easy. Can I get a,  “Me too?” LOL. Somehow in my brain I can justify and push myself by doing this until the end of the year. So I will be taking self portraits each day based off of scripture.

2. The enemy has completely robbed me. I lost sight of the love of Jesus, and my love of Photography. Sad right? Yes, but it doesn’t have to STAY SAD.

Frances Chan says it Beautifully in his book, Crazy Love, “Imagine going for a run while eating a box of Twinkies. Besides being self-defeating and sideache-inducing, it would also be near impossible- you would have to stop running in order to eat the Twinkies…in the same way, you have to stop loving and pursuing Christ in order to sin. When you are pursuing love, running toward Christ, you do not have the opportunity to wonder, Am I doing this right? or Did I serve enough this week? When you are running toward Christ, you are freed up to serve, love, and give thanks without guilt, worry, or fear. As long as you are running, you are safe.”

He goes on to talk about how running can be exhausting, but if we are running towards love, and towards our refuge, we will be truly free.

Hence, the name, Chasing Aslan. This is going to be a content change for Miss Beautymark as we just run towards Jesus. We are running with guns blazin’ (aka camera and wedding dresses in hand!) We will be running as a Photography business whose building blocks are based on the wedding feasts found in Matthew and Luke in the bible. 

 I am so excited to see God move on this blog, this website, this store, the miss beautymark platforms, and my personal life. I am so encouraged and grateful that you can walk this with me.

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Until next time,


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“Your beauty and love chase after me every day of my life. I’m back home in the house of God for the rest of my life.” Psalm 23:6 MSG






I can’t wait for this!!! I’ve been having trouble myself with walked with Jesus and this just gave me the courage to keep going and keep pursuing!!! Thank you missbeauty mark


You are a beautiful garden soul! May you receive the breath of heaven, of the Holy Spirit as you embark upon this amazing adventure. I will uphold you in prayer in my own secret garden place. I also know, intimately, experience of being ripped/torn out of the garden. I will pray that your eyes, heart, and soul will see all of the new garden moments coming your way. May you have fun with the angels in this work as well. Oh yes! They are all over the place. Chasing Aslan, huh? Who is chasing whom? LOL!

peace peace


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