Sins like a Cloud

  It is the sixth day of the “Chasing Aslan” series, and I have to admit, it has convicted me even more. As I search daily for verses that speak to me personally, I can’t help but think He is asking me if I am allowing the verses to pierce my heart? “I have blotted… Read more »

Chasing Aslan

“Back To The Garden” Crowder I was born to be royal I was made to be free But I was torn from the garden When that devil lied to me Hello, friends!! Happy MONDAY! I don’t think I have been as excited about a Monday in a really long time. Reason being, I just feel… Read more »

Stop Being A Chameleon

“I feel lost. I feel like I am floating and just getting by. I feel like I am stuck. I feel like I am the only one not pursuing my passion Does God still want to use me? I don’t know what I am doing… If this is you…welcome sister!! 😀 Today’s post isn’t too… Read more »

Please Don’t Feel Bad For Me

Hey, it’s me again! Honestly, I kind of wish I was writing this while I was sitting in a field full of sunflowers, but alas! I am not. But I want to chat about how GOOD God is, and how AWESOME you guys are! My last post I decided to ask for radical prayer because… Read more »

Prayer for Breakthrough

Happy Monday sweet friends. I haven’t written to you in a very long time, and I have honestly just dropped the ball.. I didn’t just drop it. I threw it and ran! I don’t know if you have had a similar situation happen to you, but I felt so overwhelmed and I couldn’t help it…. Read more »

Back To School Letter

This is a letter. A letter to the people. To the people who broke me down at school To the people who thought I couldn’t stand up for myself. To the people who made me feel like my life was invalid. I was told to stay away. But how could I stay away if they… Read more »

Living A Full-figured Life

I’m a fashionista who loves to inspire other women to express themselves differently despite what they may look like. This photoshoot means more to me than getting the perfect shot to blow judges away in hopes they will select me to become the winner of Torrid’s annual model search. Torrid means a lot more to… Read more »

Dear High School

“Being in high school, especially at TCA can be very difficult at times with the pressure of academics, sports, and the expectation of being a well-rounded person. Being through countless difficulties, I have learned to let go, and let God take control of every situation and that worry is a trap taking you away from… Read more »

Seniors Taking A Stand | Emily

My name is Emily Ivan. I’ve always been so insecure about how I looked, and how I’ve felt in my own body. What I’ve realized is surrounding yourself with beautiful and encouraging people is the best way to go. Surround yourself with people who love God, and speak Gods truth and love into you. I’ve… Read more »