How To Deal With Grief {Shani’s Story}

Do you ever have those days when you get knocked down and, just when you start to regain your balance, you fall down again? Well, that’s how my life felt. Within six months, I had lost two of the most influential women in my life to a cruel disease known as cancer.

The Best Gift To Get Yourself This Christmas

Happy Friday Friends!! As a somewhat quicker post right before Christmas, I want to completely love on YOU for a second. That may sound weird at first, but did you know that you are so worthy of love? This Christmas I’m giving you my heart…la la..jk. LOL. But seriously, I want to tell you about… Read more »

How To Keep A New Year Resolution

To some, this dress is crazy and outdated but for me, it is a blank canvas, a new beginning. In the next week we will have Christmas, and then a New Year will be in front of us.  Instead of talking about what I am doing for Christmas (which is of course, amazing and lovely)… Read more »

Our Story {Marriage+Depression}

This week the Lord has made it clear that we need to share more of our story. Justin and I have been together for over 8 years…we think (you stop keeping track at a certain point.) Look how lucky I am 😉 Anywho, because of what Justin does many people know us. That’s one of the… Read more »

Welcome To My Office

Welcome to…my office. No seriously, though, this is it. To your very left you will see our living room (the red couch of doom) and to the right, you will run into our kitchen. There is no doubt the hubby and I have completely outgrown this space. Once was our simple, cozy abode, is now… Read more »

How To Build Community {Be Apart of MissBeautymark}

  You don’t have to wait till you get married to play in wedding dresses…:)   Hello, friends!!:D Happy Friday! As you can see, this wedding dress does NOT fit me! “Well, then why are you wearing it??” Good question. Well, it’s due to the fact that today is an S.O.S – a Call To Action if you… Read more »

How To Find Your Identity

I am going to take you on a little flashback tonight! This is the identity crisis of Brittany. From red hair to construction zone photo shoots, you can just sense the destruction. These photos make it seem like I am on top of the world like I know what I am doing.But little did everyone know, I… Read more »

How To Be OK Creating In A Small Space

  Some days I am out and about, shooting away and feeling oh so satisfied that I accomplished my calling for the day. Other days, I am hunched over creating for someone. I know there is someone like me in a small space, dreaming, and creating and somehow reminding myself that I need to create… Read more »