Krista’s Story {She is Redeemed}

I was born into an addicted and very broken family. My parents were drug dealers and addicts. Because of this, when I was four years old my dad went to prison and my mom left. I was placed into foster care for about a year and then my grandparents were able to adopt me when… Read more »

Creatively UNDONE

Some days I am so uptight that I lose inspiration. My creative spirit is drowning in creativity. Weird huh? I know. Especially with the holidays coming up I feel like my brain is going a mile a minute….actually 100 miles a minute. Of course, there is NO dramatics in that statement. 😉 How odd is… Read more »

Why You Need To Love The Bully In Your Life

I recently read a horrible article about a girl who was being severely bullied. She was harassed so much, that she could no longer go on. Now her family has to go on without her. If you have ever been bullied, OR if you are the bully…this is for you. Now I was also bullied,… Read more »

Paige’s Story {The Real Cinderella Story}

I’m Paige, I’m a 30 year old nomadic world traveler, investor, entrepreneur, vlogger and healthy vegan – but it wasn’t always that way! I grew up in a small town on Long Island, NY raised by two wonderful parents who were both artists and entrepreneurs. Because my parents are so talented, it was easy for… Read more »

Practice What You Preach

Oh, Friends. Happy Friday!!  Colorado is finally getting the memo that it’s December!! WOOT WOOT. Let’s be real again. When are we not being real on here? HA! It’s time to sit humbly with you today. So as I write this, I am wearing my comfy eating pants, sipping on a cup of joe, and… Read more »

Don’t Compare!! It’s Not Always What It Seems

Now I know you don’t compare but let’s just pretend you do, k? 😉 You’re scrolling through Pinterest, Instagram, and stalking your favorite Fashion blogger’s site just admiring the perfect photos spread across your little screen. As you scroll, you don’t notice you are completely comparing yourself with her. We have done this so many… Read more »

HELP! I am TOO Creative!!

Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed by your creativity? I do. And if you don’t, well I guess I am writing for myself. Haha! Which by the way, I find myself writing encouragement that I need every time I do write… so nothing is really changing. Wow! Can you tell my brain is turning mushy… Read more »

Kate’s Story

              Kate’s Testimony My name is Kate Gentry. I am 16 years old and have grown up in a Christian home my entire life. Being a pastor’s daughter, I attend church weekly, go to youth group and bible studies, serve on the worship team, and have big responsibilities (including… Read more »

Be apart of Beautymarked

If you are great at detail, then you totally noticed that this photo is not perfect- but then again what photo truly is “perfect.” I am teaching myself all kinds of things like sewing, photoshop, and taking my own photos. However, I wanted to show that truly no matter how “perfect” a photo is, not… Read more »

The Two Reasons You Can’t Get Out Of Your Head

            Happy Monday guys!! So, I normally go off of my photos for a post unless I am feeling something super powerful then I just write and try and make the photos relate to the post. To be completely honest, today is one of those days that I will write… Read more »