Share Your Story

Create Your Story

Your story is made by YOU! Created and made by you.

What IS my story?

A story doesn’t have to have a beginning, middle, or end. Nobody’s life is perfect, so nobody’s story will be perfect. It just doesn’t exist.

Comparison is everywhere

We know that. But here at Miss BeautyMark we strive to break down the walls that tell us otherwise.

Your story is unique and marvelous. How cool is it that YOU can reach women that I can’t?! That’s why sharing your story is so powerful.

Loving Guidelines When Sharing Your Story

We may not all agree

This is obvious. But that doesn’t mean we can’t love one another and build each other up.

It is important to understand that Miss beautyMark is a faith-based movement that believes love and respect are the building blocks to a powerful movement.

Our faith is the foundation of what we do and why we do it. Our heart is for women. Our goal is to remind each other of our worth.

We do this by speaking and encouraging each other on self-image, community, mental health and then beauty.

When we share stories or create we refrain from telling others how to live their lives. After all we encourage by sharing our story.

Our definition of Beauty

We put Beauty at the end of the list because we don’t see Beauty how the world does. Beauty is found in the pain, in the process, and in the celebration.

And we want to celebrate each step with you.

We see Beauty in the clothes we repurpose. We see Beauty in the women we photograph and in the different types of stories.


We create a fun way to incorporate your story with the photo shoot.


Miss BeautyMark cares for each girl we photograph, which means we want to hear more from you! Each girl is invited to be interviewed about their story/shoot.