Compassion Isn’t Just About The Children

Besides the blurriness and poor quality of this photo, I still had to share. It isn’t only because the women in this photo are stunning, or because their clothing is bright and Beautiful. They are all of these things and more… but it is because they are leaders among hundreds of precious little eyes. The… Read more »

How to show love when there’s a language barrier

She loves pomegranates. She has the biggest brown eyes that show off such innocence and love that a picture does no justice. At first, she didn’t know what to think of us. We were just random people who had just become her sponsors. Little does she know, she stole our hearts with her shyness and… Read more »

The Power of a Letter with Compassion

Hello friends!! Okay. I know, I’m sorry! I told you yesterday that we would chat about our sweet girl and then I dropped the ball. In all honesty, with posts like these I would hate to rush them. For me, I have to process what I am feeling super quick in order to write and… Read more »

How To Give And Leave Impacted With Compassion

I wish I could tell you how impactful it is to spend time with children. This is coming from someone who was on a roller coaster of love when it came to kiddos. See, I used to babysit, wipe applesauce off small faces, and tuck kids in until I was at an age where I… Read more »

The Truth About Mission Work

Happy Friday Beauties!! Seriously, tell yourself right now, “I am Beautiful. I am wanted. I can do this.” Think of this like the Beautymarked meditation. Done? Good. Let’s go. I want to talk about something that I have been guilty of. I know people who have thought this, and I am pretty sure you have too if… Read more »

Psalm 119:105

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.”  Psalm 119:105

Don’t Forget This For Christmas!

  Friends! How does a quick little post sound? Good? Yes. Either you have braved the craziness of Black Friday, or you said no with all your being and stayed home. Either way, I want to encourage you to remember what is truly important. As we end one holiday and grow closer to another, we… Read more »

Why You Need To Be Alone

You either love being alone, or you don’t. Some of you may be trying to remember the last time you were alone, while the other half is wishing they weren’t always alone. There are a couple different ways to look at this. 1. You see being alone as a negative thing. You can’t imagine doing… Read more »